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Recent and Upcoming International Presentations by NYCLI

Presented by: Susan M. Vener, Ph.D., S.A.S. & Alison M. Gillis, Ph.D., B.C.B.A-D

Evaluation of Learner Outcomes in School Programs.

Association of Professional Behavior Analysts

Ensuring Effective Dissemination and Advancement of Critical System Variables in Autism Intervention Programs:  The Alliance for Scientific Autism Intervention.

April 8 - April 10

The Effects of Script-Fading Procedures on Peer Interactions among Children with Autism

Instytut Wspomagnia Rozwoju Dziecka
Institute for Child Development

11th International Scientific Symposium

Gdansk, Poland
April 23rd

The Use of Script-Fading Procedures to Teach Social Interactions to Children with Autism.

IX Annual Moscow Conference

"Autism: Challenges and Solutions" 

Moscow, Russia

April 21 - May 23

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