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Remote Learning -The Not So Distant Past

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First of all, I want to thank you for being so patient with Anderson since day 1. I remember that I was so worried about him at the beginning of the home school program after I found him crying quietly behind my back.  Anderson told me that he missed his school bus, his friends and teachers.  He asked me when the virus would be over so he could go to school. The remote homeschooling program has reconnected Anderson to his teachers and friends. Anderson now has adopted the new learning style and it feels so good to see smiles on his face. Every morning, he follows the task schedule you send.  He works independently prior to facing time with you. I know he is looking forward to seeing you every day. I see improvements in his conversation with us, his new reporting and reading comprehension. I am also very impressed by him scanning his work and emailing to you at the end of the day.


I am very proud of Anderson!  I cannot thank NYCLI and all the teachers for supporting him and our family during this hard time!


Best wishes,


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Dear Megan and Sue,

We are several weeks into the Coronavirus quarantine and Joshua's remote learning with NYCLI. 


There was a warm-up period where Josh had just brief meetings with his teacher, Megan, and did a few quick tasks but now Josh meets up with his teacher on FaceTime every morning and then logs on to his class Zoom session. He has the meeting ID and the password memorized. He talks with his friends about the weather and what's going on. It seems so natural to see all the Module D teachers there on the screen with the learners. 


After the Zoom session is over, Josh logs into Google Classroom and starts on his assigned tasks: Science, Math, Reading Comprehension, Geography, and Language Arts. He has even had sessions of Yoga and Physical Education. 

Megan prompts him when necessary but mostly he is able to move right through his tasks. 8 years of following a schedule in school has gotten him ready for this!

Some days he does a better job than others but for 2-3 hours a day he is devoted to the task. Putting a post it note with a reminder that "friendly people do not hang up on their teacher" seems to help.

Megan is also with him for Hebrew School on Tuesdays and for Ukulele lessons on Wednesday. Ukulele is my favorite -- I think it's his favorite, too.


We are very busy with work even when we are at home and would not be able to teach him on our own. Remote learning is challenging for us and we look forward to putting Josh back on the bus and heading off to work but, for now, Megan has made it into a reasonable task that Josh can accomplish and from which he can gain new skills. 

Thank you for your help.

Evan and Jen Stein


Distance Learning Story

The "SF" Family

Remote learning? I have never felt closer to a school than I do now (and I am a retired NYC DOE principal).

Our daughter is a nurse and due to her work her hospital ICU placed Sam-9/ and Charlotte-7- her children with us for the last 3 plus weeks. Our experience as grandparents in teacher training?


Hear my family speak first:

Hi I am Samuel. I love working with Miss Allison. I love working Math problems with Omar and Grandma Priscilla.I love word problems with Ms Allison.

Hi I am Charlotte Sam’s little sister and I think me and Samuel are doing great work and we will fight but I still love him and we are learning how to work with each other.

Hi I am Grandma and I love working and seeing how much happiness everyone’s hard work is bringing to Sam.

Hi, this is Grandpa Omar. We are on-line twice a day-9 am-first with a class group; then at 1 pm for individual support with a teacher. Worksheets, resources and people are always right at hand.


Remote, social distancing? We have never been closer to a school family.


As a result of social distancing protocol related to COVID-19 and unexpected NYCLI building closure we all had to transition within a week into remote learning environment, which wasn’t an easy journey! Our 9yr old son started his remote learning from March 23rd with NYCLI and so far the experience has been amazing! The teachers have worked dedicatedly and diligently to bring the classroom environment into the virtual sessions. My son looks forward to his morning routine everyday which starts with exchanging conversations with his teacher first, followed by a group session with the classroom peers. The group session is very interactive among the student and the teachers. The kids are reading a book responding to questions, math and going over the calendar and weather! The instructors are very supportive and always available to assist if the need arises to hold a video conference for the academic work, which has been truly beneficial. Furthermore, parent training is also provided virtually as requested in handling any challenges.


Although, this has been a difficult period for families and teachers to all of a sudden to transition to remote learning , however NYCLI is doing a fantastic job trying to bring the real-time classroom into a virtual learning environment and always looking for ways to make improvement!


Thank you NYCLI Team for your dedication and going above and beyond to support our children!



The AA Family

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Members of our staff are also doing their part in the

battle against COVID-19 outside of NYCLI.

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