From Canada's TV 5 In Quebec - Des école pas comme les autres - le petits miracles (In French).

The above is just the NYCLI portions of the video.

To watch the entire video, also in French, ​please click here.

We are still in the process of adding media. Check back soon for more!


NYCLI was founded in 1994 as a state certified nonpublic preschool for children with autism. In 1995, educational services were extended to school-age children between the ages of five and eleven. In 2002, NYCLI was certified to serve the needs of learners up to age 21. The institute implements a science-based educational approach and is committed to providing the highest standard of education for its students.

Although it is an independent, nonpublic institution, NYCLI's preschool and school are accredited and certified by the New York City Department of Health and the New York State Education Department.

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